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We do understand what a large undertaking it is to move your business and want to help get you set up in your new location and get back to work.  We have the experience to make sure your small business move is handled quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Consider some of these suggestions when planning your move.  Being organized will help make things easier for your employees and the movers on moving day.

-Set up a detailed floor plan for the new location and should include desks, chairs, file cabnits, shelving, plants, furniture, and display cabnits and tables. 

-Labeling is very important when making an office move.  Be sure to label each box on top and on one side with permanent marker. Include detailed list of contents and specific location upon delivery, consider color coding to make things go faster.

-Four drawer file cabnits do not have to be emptied, lateral file cabnits should be and contents would need to be boxed and labeled for moving day.

-If the elevator is needed for the move, be sure to give advanced notice to management for approval and keys.

-Parking spaces for our trucks to load and unload is something that gets overlooked on moving day.  Considering having cars parked in the closest spaces to the doors of origin and destination, so we will be as close as possible-remember... "Time Is Money". 

-We can pack, move and unpack each desk, just the way it was from origin to destination.

-Make sure you have one person dedicated to answer any questions that the movers might have during the load and unload.