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*Money Saving Ideas

 Keep in mind that local moves are charged by the hour and that long distance moves are usually charged by weight and mileage.


"Time is Money"We offer the following services at an affordable hourly rate, but if you're looking for ways to save money the following is a list of do-it-yourself ideas that you can use to save.  

Sort out unwanted items before moving day.

Disassemble & empty all furniture: beds, mirrors from dressers, hutch tops, wall units, etc...

Disconnect & empty all appliances: washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, freezer, television, vcr, dvd player, computer, stereo, and any electronic equipment.

Box and seal all small & breakable items, including lamps, shades, pictures, etc...

Try to use standard size moving boxes, no more than three different size boxes (this makes loading the truck easier & more efficient).

Have a floor plan or a pretty good idea on where you would like each item to be placed (which room & location in that room). 

Use a permanant marker to write on each box.  Make sure to place the mark on the side and top of each box, stating contents and room to be placed.  

Label furniture items with placement information using removable adhesive labels. 

Have all tables, dressers, all furniture & walkways cleared off on moving day.

Make room for our large custom moving van at both locations of the move (origin & destination). The closer the access the quicker the load & unload will go.  (parking your vehicles in front of both locations is a great way to make reserve easy access for our trucks).

Have walkways clean from any dirt, snow or debris.

For more expert advice please call our professional moving consultants for a free estimate.